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  • Ma Long and Mattias Falck best men’s performers in Macao 2 diciembre, 2020
    by Kabir Nagpal Ma Long There is little left to be said about the Dragon and his exploits, but the recent month proved that we can indeed wax lyrical for a ‘Long’ time when it comes to the world no.3. Ma Long’s performances have clearly underlined the fact the reigning Olympic and World champion has […]
  • World Rankings insight: Ahmed Saleh and Margaryta Pesotska on the move 1 diciembre, 2020
    Major gains from #RESTART competitors The top plaudits in the Men’s World Rankings list of gainers are reserved for Ahmed Saleh, the African star moving up a whopping 28 positions (no.78 to no.50)! Falling short in his pursuit of reaching the round of 16 at the Men’s World Cup, but Saleh ends the year on […]
  • Sun Yingsha and Chen Xingtong head best women’s performers’ list at WTT Macao 1 diciembre, 2020
    by Kabir Nagpal Sun Yingsha The winner of the women’s singles title, 20-year-old Sun Yingsha certainly made an impression in the manner of her journey. Losing her first two matches against Wang Manyu and Ding Ning, her form did not speak for a long-lasting run. Then came the stunning recovery against Wang Yidi in the quarter-finals […]
  • WTT Macao + Athletes = Perfect Match! 1 diciembre, 2020
    Thirty-two of the world’s finest players – men and women – gathered in a unique bubble event to achieve something that was inconceivable only but a few months ago. WTT Macao saw a renewed spirit of table tennis magic reach out to the world amidst these difficult times, and the players involved in November’s celebrations […]

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  • World Rankings are Back: Fan, Xu, Ma Finish 2020 on Top 2 diciembre, 2020
    World Rankings for March:  Largely Stable at the Top (by Steve Hopkins/Photo by ITTF) After an eight month hiatus, the ITTF World Rankings are back.  Fan Zhendong tops the final rankings of a very strange year.  He overtakes Xu Xin on the strength of his World Cup title.  Ma Long finishes third, and Harimoto is fourth. […]
  • Butterfly Training Tips – Developing Hand Speed with coach Ojo (Video) 1 diciembre, 2020
    Coach Ojo Onaolapo demonstrates a simple 4-shot shot sequence to help improve your hand speed and movement. Learn more about Coach Ojo Onaolapo here  Don’t have anyone to practice this drill with? Learn more about our Amicus and Practice Partner Robots here Stay “In The Loop” with Butterfly professional table tennis equipment, table tennis news, […]
  • WTT Macau Recap: Raising the $ Bar for the Sport 1 diciembre, 2020
    (by Steve Hopkins, photo by ITTFWorld) World Table Tennis is a new ITTF entity designed to create table tennis entertainment events – and their inaugural event concluded over the weekend in Macau.  The official name of the event was WTT MACAO 2020 Presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group.  The event is at the TAP SEAC Multisport Pavilion […]
  • Dignics 09C review by Truong Tu 30 noviembre, 2020
    (By Truong Tu) I recently switch to Dignics 09C on my forehand. I have been using Dignics 09C for about 20 hours now and I am very pleased with the result. Before becoming a WE ARE BUTTERFLY Coach, I had used Chinese rubber for quite some time. With the Dignics 09C, the feeling is very […]
  • Coaching Tip of the Week: Letting an Opponent Control Play is Risky 30 noviembre, 2020
    (By Larry Hodges)   The next time you are in a close match, and are worried about making mistakes, and so play super safe to avoid mistakes . . . consider this. Letting your opponent control play is the biggest risk you can take in table tennis. You no longer have control over your fate. […]