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  • France responds, Thibault Poret wins match of the day 23 julio, 2021
    by Ian Marshall, Editor Alexis Lebrun, the no.21 seed and Alexis Kourachi, the no.31 seed, progressed to the third round of the junior boys’ singles event as their status suggested. Conversely, colleague Thibault Poret performed the recovery of the day to cause a major upset – in the second round he fought back from a […]
  • Table tennis stars set to light up the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 23 julio, 2021
    Table tennis action at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games gets underway tomorrow and all eyes will be on the curtain-raiser Mixed Doubles competition which is making its debut at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. It has been 33 years since table tennis first made its introduction at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul and five highly […]
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games coverage 23 julio, 2021
    Will China continue to be the team to beat since table tennis made its debut at the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988 or will Japan rise to the occasion and deliver a historic gold for the host nation? Is the stage set for the emergence of exciting new table tennis talents? Are there going to […]
  • Heroes in Tracksuits – part one 23 julio, 2021
    by Jia Li, ITTF Foundation Communication Coordinator This is the first article in a two-part series, with a list of table tennis players in Tokyo 2020 whose desire for a better, more sustainable future is just as strong as for the medals. Sarah Hanffou – the one that wears many hats The French-Cameroonian table tennis […]

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  • Table Tennis Stream Info for Summer Games: Friday Evening 23 julio, 2021
    In the US, NBC will be providing broadcasts of the Summer Olympic Games through their various NBCUniversal networks.  That coverage includes the main broadcast on the NBC network as well as other broadcasts on NBC Sports Peacock, NBCSN,  a great deal of With table tennis starting up on Saturday morning in Japan, USA Network, and […]
  • Ovtcharov Provides Tour of His Tokyo 2020 Living Space 20 julio, 2021
    (by Steve Hopkins) Ever wonder what the athletes see from the inside at a huge event like the Olympics?  This video is by Dimitrij Ovtcharov and was published today on the TT Smash City Youtube Channel. The tour starts with the view of Tokyo and the cardboard bed.  He shows Germany’s team clothing and talks […]
  • 2021 U17 U.S. National Team Trials: A Breakthrough 19 julio, 2021
    (By Isabella Xu) In past National Youth Ranking Tournaments, I usually placed at around second-to-last every single time. After each tournament, I would just accept this with an “Okay, well, I’ll just try to do better next time,” and not actually work harder to improve. At the next competition, I would end up still being […]
  • Ask The Experts: Louis Levene, No. 395 19 julio, 2021
    Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question:  I’m looking to choose between the butterfly innerforce zlc and and the harimoto alc. I rely on spinny loops mid distance from the table. I want a blade that will give good dwell time without compromising speed and spin. please compare the two paddles in detail. Answer:  Your […]
  • Table Tennis Amidst the Pandemic 19 julio, 2021
    (By Angie Tan) In a time where a cough will attract hundreds of glares and a maskless face causes others to repel yards away from you, I managed to continue picking up my table tennis paddle and driving with all my might. Despite not being able to practice with my coaches for a period of […]