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  • On This Day: Vladi steals the show in Xiaolan 31 octubre, 2020
    by Simon Daish Europeans the leading force in Xiaolan The final ITTF Men’s World Cup of the 20th century featured an all-star cast with big-time giants of the global table tennis scene in attendance. Such a talented player pool on display, there was always going to be a major casualty or two along the way […]
  • American legend George Braithwaite passes away 29 octubre, 2020
    by Kabir Nagpal Born in Guyana and having moved to the USA, George Braithwaite departed the world a true legend at the age of 86. Formerly a track athlete having won multiple 100 metre races regionally, it was his effortless athleticism around a table and with a racket in hand that won him his fans. Having emigrated […]
  • An element of surprise, Liam Pitchford in confident mood 29 octubre, 2020
    by Kabir Nagpal; Interview conducted by Simon Daish Having started this year with a bang at the ITTF 2020 Qatar Open in Doha, Liam Pitchford was probably one of the most in-form athletes when the world went under lock and key for the better half of past nine months. Heading to the Qatari capital in March […]
  • IOC hosts IF Gender Equality webinar series 28 octubre, 2020
    by Katarzyna Kubas, Continental Development Manager Continuing its efforts to close the gender gap in female participation in sport on and off the field of play, the IOC shifted its plans for the 5th IF Gender Equality Forum, initially scheduled for April 2020, replacing the event with six online webinars open to International as well as […]

RSS Noticias – Butterfly

  • PongNow: Joerg Bitzigeio 31 octubre, 2020
    (by Steve Hopkins) The PongNow interview series discusses table tennis with some of the best players and personalities in the sport. PongNow is an interview series talking table tennis with some of the best players and personalities in the sport. The guest this week is Jörg Bitzigeio, former head coach of the German National Women’s […]
  • In Memoriam: George Braithwaite 28 octubre, 2020
    (by Steve Hopkins) USA Table Tennis has lost a legend.  George Braithwaite excelled in Cricket and Track and Field before starting his career in Table Tennis.  In our sport, George was a part of the U.S. Team the launched Ping Pong Diplomacy from the World Championships in Japan. His list of table tennis accomplishments included […]
  • Ask The Experts: Shahin Akhlaghpasand, No. 361 28 octubre, 2020
    Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: I am using Timo boll ALC with Tenergy 05 on forehand and backhand. Looking to move to DIGINICS 09C. Along with looping / topspin will this rubber be good at returning server and chopping the ball back when its on the table. Tenergy pops up the ball sometimes […]
  • RESTART in TT Minus 11 Days: Lily and Jennifer 28 octubre, 2020
    (by Steve Hopkins, photo by ITTFWorld) NASA coined the term “T-Minus” for space launches with the “T” indicating “Time” as the countdown proceeded.  Many of their iconic broadcasts include statements from Launch Control indicating that all systems are “go” before changing over from a countdown of minutes into the final countdown of seconds.  The momentous […]
    Dear Table Tennis Lover,   Find below a few new announcements!   JOIN PINGPOD LEAGUE SEASON TWO – “DIVISIONS” Season Two will be played in 4 divisions based on skill level. Details can be found here. As always, there will be prizes for the top finishers per division. The top 2 finishers in each division will […]